Sunday, July 25, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts. Free internet has been hard to come by in Europe.
Kelsey and I arrived in Vienna, Austria on the 12th of July. We were sad to leave Munich, and had heard from people that Vienna was "spread out" and not as great of a place. We took a train across north Austria, getting a good peek at the Alps. It was our first time traveling any long distance by train. In Vienna, we stayed with Hanna and Philip, two 24-year-old university students who have no problem with taking their time with their education--it's paid for in Austria, so why not.
We arrived at about 2:00 PM, so we dropped our luggage off at their apartment and went to explore the city before eating dinner with them. We quickly discovered Vienna's beauty, and our attitude towards the city changed--we even began to prefer it over Munich.

When we got back to the apartment, Philip asked us if we'd like an Aperitif before dinner--in German this means appetizer. We obliged and he brought out several bottles: schnapps from the Czech Republic and Austria, and a bottle of Austrian wine. A bit different than the appetizers at King Fish. That night we went out for drinks at a bar near their apartment and learned more about Austria than we could imagine.

The next day Kelsey and I went to a massive complex of old Austria, the Schönbrunn Castle. Pictures from the two days of Philip and Hanna, their apartment, and the sights (not in any order, once again, sorry):

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